Tabla beats

tiny fingers
drumming tables
grew up

goes the bea
for eager dancers
to move their feet

hymn-singers find him
to invoke incantation
meditators grateful
good concentration

He rules the podium 
with fiery speeches 
provoking crowds

The drummer
has come 
a long way indeed…


Tabla is the Indian version of drums, played with fingers and Tak-Dhina-Dhin is a popular beat they associate the sound with. The other cylindrical insrument you see is called a Dhol.

This video will give an idea about the music.

9 thoughts on “Tabla beats

  1. Reena, I love the drumming video. Her beat in the beginning definitely sounds like a heartbeat, then the beat speeds up as the heart would speed up during dancing.

    Not trying to be a smartaleck with my question, but why is your poem about a “he” instead of a “she”? I’d like to think of this very talented young person being the one at the podium with the incantations and fiery speeches.


    1. “He” can be changed to “She” 🙂 There are more male than female tabla players, so I guess it was a conditioned response.

      One of my cousins was always called to accompany the harmonium player in meditation sessions, because her rhythm was harmonious with the concentration they needed.

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