Reena’s Exploration Challenge #139

Pandemic – The New Normal. …. by Tessa Dean

Tessa Dean - Author

This is Teresa Smeigh from writing from a new blog using a pen name.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge Rules

This started as a stream of consciousness written one day while depressed. I updated it for here.

Pandemic: The New Normal

written by Tessa Dean

March through June 2020

As I gaze unseeingly out the window at the now empty streets and sidewalks, I can hardly remember when everything changed. I listen for my neighbors. They are usually banging in and out of their apartments all day, laughing and shouting at each other. They holler hello as their visitors arrive. Hugging and kissing each other.

The community room is usually busy as people come and go either looking for a book in the small library or gathering in groups to talk and do activities while keeping each other company. One group colors every day. We have painting classes in there twice…

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