Mind games

Circa 1990. The trade union leaders are protesting against some perceived injustice. A few officers have been suspended for inappropriate conduct.

I find a surge of emotion rising within me, on hearing the chants of unity and fighting against injustice.

A few months later, I join the Human Resources Department, and see the union leaders for what they are – manipulative sub-humans.

Circa 2015. I enrol for a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and wonder why the trainer puts on maniacal music before certain sessions.


I am a wiser person now. I understand that leaders and manipulators all, need to build a crescendo in minds. The mob becomes receptive to the calls given thereafter, and it is easier to make them follow the given path. Certain acts like asking people to repeat lines, type something in the chat-box in online conferences – are all aimed at directing thoughts to desired action plans.


16 thoughts on “Mind games

  1. There is definitely something going on these days, not sure what. Young people with too much adrenalin and no purpose. Billionaires funding various organizations to push for social change. I always go for evolution instead of revolution. Where is the creativity in all of this, it seems mindless destruction prevails. Wise words, as always Reena.

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