Reena’s Exploration Challenge #138

Michael’s take on Exploration Challenge #138


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are players. They have their entries and exits” famously said Shakespeare.
Shakespeare got it all wrong. Life is what we choose, and everything else is just existence.
 The suggestion that life is pre-determined is always up for debate.
We do have choice.
What we choose can be to our benefit or not.
I made choices in life that seemed a good idea at the time but in hindsight was it because I was seeking an easy route through life as I sought security?
The choices I made I tried to make the best of and fortunately for me I found I enjoyed them after a while.
Working in the public sector, exposing yourself to the whims of so many when you are basically a shy and retiring person is daunting to say the least.
There’s a part of…

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