Cooking in the time of Corona

A refreshingly different piece by Usha 🙂



Drive away cooking blues, add a dash of imaginary zing, there is no way out, no restaurants, no takeaways or any other such savior.

The Whistle blew, loud and piercing, not once, but 2, 3, 4 times…..” Is anybody listening, I have alerted, now let my voice die down”.

The Pressure Cooker sizzled,” I am all hot and cooked, I need to vent!”. The Pan, sitting close by coughed,” I can feel temperatures rising, I am sick and shivering with all the bubbling. Distance yourself, you hot Cooker, your steamy droplets are getting to me”.

The Chimney laughed wickedly,” fanning is my job and looks like I am doing it perfectly”.  Pril, the cleaning liquid, offered kindly, “Cooker and Pan, pour me in and gargle me out”. “I am ready for a rinse with you”, Clear Water gurgled,” else be quarantined in the attic above”.

” Aren’t we in the…

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2 thoughts on “Cooking in the time of Corona

  1. Thank you Reena, for your challenge. This is my reality in these grim times. A little cheer I suppose. Looking forward to finding words for your other challenges.

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