Creative fractions

“There is no formula for creativity, so how do I measure or assess?”

“Think again ….. can saplings of creativity emerge without passion in the soil? Birth takes place in blood and chaos, but the life that emerges is cleansed and stain free, so you don’t see the churning behind it.

Mathematics is the result of a relentless passion to see order in the world. A poet deconstructs reality, and the process of putting it together again is unique to each. A soul is a fraction of the universal energy, but can you give me a definite number for the size?”

17 thoughts on “Creative fractions

  1. Imo, “no”. A large number, perhaps the majority of people, insist life can be boiled down to the quantifiable. History’s art, music, poetry/books, architecture…tells me there is no formula.
    I especially enjoyed sentences 2 and 3. Perfect.

    Saturday morning coffee and your Six. A nice start to my day 🙂

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