The Empire

“I’ve never seen such a beautiful place.”

“It takes a long time, manipulation and mean strategy to build illusions.”

“Why illusions? You are free to step into the lights and dance. Let me film your cheer…”

I said a silent prayer to preserve my daughter’s smile.

“There is so much which has not been filmed. Corona Virus was born here…”

“Come on, Dad, not again…. the same story of fear, destruction and death. Think about the reconstruction thereafter.”

“You dance, while I look for historical evidence. The empire that crumbled before reconstruction had a lot to conceal from the world.”

29 thoughts on “The Empire

      1. That was like the time I had my mind on the book 1984. I don’t think I ended up reading the whole thing, as I had read it in high school, but I thought it would be neat to see what was written back then and see how true it was.

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  1. Excellent take on the prompt. I like the way you simultaneously have the family story, with the exchanges between father and daughter, and the bigger story of how a nation may have given birth to the terrible losses of the coronavirus. You’ve been ambitious and succeeded!

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      1. Yes. After many plagues, actually, and illnesses such as tuberculosis, polio, typhus, etc. I think part of the reason people in in such a panic this time is because the media are all telling us that the sky is falling!

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    1. You are right. It really does not matter, unless biological warfare can be stopped in future. Do you see the danger of another detente? It will endanger your own population before it is unleashed on others.

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