I grouped people
put them in different rooms
in castles of my mind
different wavelengths
different intensities
but networked for sure…
I visit some rooms
to interact
to know how they are doing
It’s not always a call
It’s just in my mind...
there are some
 I love to hate
they pop up so often
to spread negativity
mood-spoilers always
but all in my mind..
some are not important enough
let them be where they are
yet a word or view
pops up in dreams
to remind me
they exist in my life
rooms that really scare
are the darkest ones
I don’t go there
but it impacts behavior
and I don’t know
why and how?

20 thoughts on “Rooms

  1. Those dark rooms which we fear to go into still affect behavior, yes. I also relate to “visiting some rooms frequently,” thinking of certain friends and acquaintances with fondness yet staying in my own mind.

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