Reena’s Exploration Challenge #136 — The Circus of Right

The Circus of Right …by Jade Li/Lisa

Tao Talk

the circus by Albina Felski

Reena, I have taken your poem apart and did a statement and response with it.

Would I care to be right? If life was not finite

Life is infinite. So is death. It’s an eternally revolving door.

If I’d the luxury of eternity to let it be naturally proved that I’ve always been right…

When you look in a mirror, which side is right?

beliefs and perspectives windowless walls between us block insights –

Our beliefs, perspectives – and insights – are no less valid when not paralleled/cloned with another’s. Each is on their own path.

so much so, that you revel in pleasures of darkness bottling and imprisoning light

Imbalance will right itself. Darkness can only bottle and imprison life for so long. All it takes is a tiny crack, and oomphalos rises.

the beheaded boatsman sinks with the boat messenger from afar carrying a crumpled note


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