A pause

“I don’t think I will….”

The pause seemed like an eternal stretch of time. What if she wants to leave forever? He should never have asked in the first place, forcing her to take a decision.

That moment brought many scenes from the past to mind – where he had been dominating, overbearing, violent, imposing ideas and rules on her.

“……go on a holiday this year.”

“Sure, er… I’ll never do it again,” he was not sure she understood why was he saying that, but he meant it.


12 thoughts on “A pause

  1. Edge of the seat Six!

    (He’s lying, of course*)

    *lying might not be the best word, as it is the nature of his personal reality that gives rise to the behavior, i.e. dominating etc**
    ** of course, in the end, both are responsible, one for not making the effort to gain a perspective on himself that would make his statement less of a lie and the other for playing her part in his personal reality as opposed to her own.

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