holding fragile truth
in cracks of my hands
fearing dissipation
of cherished fragrances
shedding of petals
which adorn life
petals which perish
but blossom again
in new colors, shapes
define sensibilities
give new dimensions
to senses in
a post-truth era
and fix
all fixers

23 thoughts on “Truth

    1. A mythological tale describes a bull standing on four legs – austerity, cleanliness, kindness and truth. Close inspection by Lod Krishna shows him bleeding – he has lost one leg in each era, and truth is the last one he is standing on.

      Another fable describes this as the age of Kalki (technology), and we see that overtaking the world. AR and VR are creating different dimensions of reality.

      How can I say my truth is truer than yours, or my reality more authentic than yours?

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