Yesterday, a friend lost his father. The parents were in India, while all four children are in other countries. None of them could reach for the funeral. He recounted that on his last visit home in December, his father’s parting words were,

“Will you come to perform my last rites?”

My father-in-law was shifted to another son’s place, since the eldest son was going to the US for two months. His attendants were good-naturedly ribbing him, when his bags were packed,

Papa, where are you going, and when will you come back?”

He said, “I will not come back.”

Later, he returned to that building to be admitted in his eldest son’s nursing home (they live on the top floor of the same building) during his last few weeks, but did not return to the house or his room.

There are many other instances I’ve seen and heard of.

Someone once told me that regular meditators can sometimes see scenes from the future, but they are advised not to talk about it. And they may not know it is the future till it happens. The argument is that we live on 10% of our capacity, and remaining powers can be activated through meditation. My grandfather reported having seeing the scene before, after his teenage daughter was widowed. She remarried subsequently and laid a happy life, but he had only seen that one distressing shot during his meditation.

What kind of energy circles around which brings these thoughts and words? We fail to give it a name. We are so deeply ensconced in our logic and reason, that we refuse to acknowledge it.

6 thoughts on “Premonitions

  1. There is a belief that we are all connected at a certain level and that premonition is just a manifestation of that connection. We have many stories like this in my mother’s family. A knowing, I’d call it. Thought provoking, Reena.

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