Sightings … by Aishwarya

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Days, not so long ago,

Trip to the hills on the cards,

A hilltop cottage,

Promising sightings of wildlife,

Was earmarked,

Images of tigers, leopards on their night time prowl,

Waiting to be sighted by us conjured,

Us, equipped with torchlights,

With coffee mugs by the side,

Ready to sacrifice sleep and spot,

Alas! The mighty cats chose a different route that day,

It wasn’t our lucky night,

But, as the saying goes,

Patience always pays,

We weren’t to be disappointed by a herd of deers,

Who chose the early hours of dawn,

To pay a visit to the riverbank,

Our wildlife spotting wasn’t to go in vain,

If not for the mighty cats, the humble deers graced the occasion.

120 words.

Backstory :- This poem is based on our experience on a visit to B.R Hills, Karnataka, India, last year. We had booked a…

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