It is terrifying to see him slip into depths of insanity. Others-centeredness has destroyed his core.

The youngest child raised in a large, joint family – he was taught that being good meant being obedient and servile. He always needed a god to worship, and a cult to follow.

Shorn of deities after his parents exited the world, shorn of a structure after retiring from his job, he lost the fulcrum of his existence. He had assumed that others would obey and follow him in the same manner that he had done, but it was not to happen. He continued to impose his opinions on unwilling people for some time, till they slowly moved out of his life, into their own comfort zones.

Now, his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream. He blames others for his misfortune, because the reason for everything lies outside him.

19 thoughts on “Self-inflicted

  1. I have seen characters like this in reality. ‘because the reason for everything lies outside him.’ they never understand that hence all the misery. Excellent writing.

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  2. To lose the fulcrum of one’s existence, to run out of cope, happens so easily when we let others define who we really are. Great write.

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