The monk has travelled across the world in search of meaning of life.

Gone are the days when people congregated in an ashram to partake of wisdom… there are umpteen agencies to get him online and share his learnings. The digital marketing campaign lasts 90 days to generate a feeling of emptiness in people, and make them pay to find nourishment. The lockdown is supportive, as people struggle to adopt a new way of life.

Finally, the monk’s serenity appears on screen..

You are exactly where you need to be. I learnt that travel serves no purpose at all.

9 thoughts on “Nourishment

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  2. the monk bought and made lunch
    once and a whole bunch
    but time went by
    and most of them died
    and was not replaced
    so the place
    went to the farmer and his daughter
    and the three left living here
    say mass
    as it will come
    to pass
    at st joseph and his viller~

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