Emojis back then…

“The guy lacks basic manners. He extended his hand. I’d like people to maintain their distance.”

“In good old days, we shook hands and sometimes even hugged each other.”

“Blasphemy!” She was shocked, and stomped her feet as she walked to her bedroom. Thankfully, shoes were taken off at the doorstep.

I don’t blame her, but do miss the good old days. Nora was a year old when Covid19 occurred. Keeping a physical distance is inextricably woven in the social fabric.

The virus has since disappeared from the world map, but the culture it spawned has remained. Physical proximity is not really necessary, with most interactions being digital.

I’m now a pro at expressing ideas and emotions through symbols – they don’t call it emojis  any more. It has a fancy term….


10 thoughts on “Emojis back then…

  1. Oh, Reena, I hope you are wrong. Humanity never could do well without some social contact, though there are different cultural norms where less contact is expected even before this current plague’ish times. I would like to think we might adopt some measures to decrease transmission of all manner of viruses and bacteria, but that we will not forgo all human affection — I’m far too affectionate a person to want to consider that … Well written piece, that!


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