Constructed shadows

“This has to be done, because everybody in the family does it, and I can’t stand out like a sore thumb.”

“I’m not compelled to worship your gods.”

“Is that your final decision?”

“Yes, and I’m leaving, because the nothingness horrifies me. There is no individual I can interact with, just constructed shadows of the matriarch’s ego. I spent a lifetime building bridges to nowhere.”

15 thoughts on “Constructed shadows

  1. The freedom to choose for oneself what to believe and who to worship unfortunately sometimes causes schisms within families initially. Hopefully with time love will prevail even if the beliefs differ.
    It is a very painful matter to stand out like a sore thumb.
    Well written Six.

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  2. Surely that is the most difficult (trying?stressful?) of rites of passage. To realize that we all have the power to determine the center to be wherever we would. Not particular pleasant process, but very much worth the effort.

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