Money Genius

Once upon a time, there was paper…..

Paper could hold words, pictures, memories, research, creativity and MONEY.

Paper was primitive genius.

I could hand over a million dollars to you, and you passed it on to someone, but there was no record of it.

“You know why bitcoin is eulogized” I hear Grandpa speak those words aloud, “It helps tracing down of frauds. Every transaction is recorded.”

But, grandpa …. your notes in the attic helped me a lot. I’ll invent digital currency, which allows anonymity, not pseudonomity.

May your soul rest in peace! Long live the genius of money!

17 thoughts on “Money Genius

  1. I don’t understand bitcoin. I’ve read about it, tried to “get it,” but I just don’t. And I think you’re right–we are fast moving toward digitized money, which, when you think about it, paves the way to a one-world government system, and that’s more than a little scary.

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    1. We are fast moving towards electronic money. The process started when gold standards for printing currency disappeared. Now, wealth can be created and destroyed by manipulation.


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