A leg up the ladder

A leg up the ladder …… by Len


Responding to Reena’s challenge #131. Write story based on following
He had lost everything of value to him. There was an empty canvas on the easel, his colors and tools. What would he paint?

The bleedin’ silly cow, wot’s she wearin’ that for, I says to me self, as I watched some fancy bird casually ‘andling the fruit on the barrow. She was wearin’ some fancy necklace that would ‘ave kept some family in dosh for a lifetime. She weren’t long for this world.

There they were, right on cue, Bert and Jeb, five yards to the side of the fancy lady, eyein’ the necklace and scheming ‘ow they could get their ‘ands on it. Serves ‘er bleedin’ well right, toffs ain’t got no sense of self preservation. But me good ‘art takes over and I walks up to the lady and whisper ” There’s a lot of low…

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