Perfect circles

“I lost the compass. I cannot draw perfect circles now.” I’d wailed before a geometry class in Level 3.

Life taught me to keep doodling without any tools – observations, imagination, my take on objects and happenings around me. I choose to keep them black and white, or paint in rainbow colors. The collection expands with outpourings in myriad forms – art, literature, experience and premature conclusions.

Can I draw a perfect shape again, and believe that life will fit into neat compartments?

Image copyright: Reena Saxena

18 thoughts on “Perfect circles

  1. I am sure you can draw perfect shapes. As for life fitting into neat compartments, well that can be a challenge at times, at least in my opinion.
    Great SSS.

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  2. …well, ‘compartment’, when considered in the context of a whole, could surely be considered neat, but, unfortunately, if that which they were subdivisions of was a perfect circle, then they will forever be undefined.
    (personally I’m one of the hypo-mathematic people, no innate sense of math. however, I do recall something about the ratio of the radius to the circumference being an endless number… that would make the volume of any compartment un-quantifiable)

    lol… forgive the ramblings. your Sixes are always provocative.

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  3. The tools once utilized to navigate life, however represented, have been altered, removed, taken. “Perfection” is subjective, therefore still available. I daresay there are those who may not be accepting, or unable to accept, the notion there never really were “neat compartments”.
    Thank you, Reena for giving me pause to think deeper 🙂

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