The last time

The hangman was called on duty after several years. Capital punishment was almost abolished in the country, till a ghastly rape-murder happened. The barbarism involved in the crime generated a powerful wave against the criminals.

The hangman was being interviewed by several channels about the art and science – thickness and quality of rope used, time needed and procedures.

Idly, I think about the job of coroners, coffin-makers and keepers in the funeral ground. What a life which revolves around the rituals of death! I guess they outgrow the fear of death.

The executioner who haS acquired a quasi-celebrity status is explaining,

“At 5.30 am, the convict will climb the stairs. After the deed is done, the family can claim the body.

I hope this is the last time for me.

 I hope where no one left, no one comes on the bare platform again.”

13 thoughts on “The last time

      1. It is another world for them. Another world I cant bear to imagine. It is duty, and it will hurt them too. I dont know anyone who’s been to war, but … will they ever be the same again?


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