Reena’s Exploration Challenge #130 – Once in a Lifetime.

Michael’s take on Exploration Challenge #130


Once in a lifetime

You’d only want it to happen once in your lifetime. The call from the doctor to say your recent pathology test results are in.

You know when they ring the news is never going to be good. I’ve yet to have a ‘once in a lifetime’ call telling me I am well, fit and healthy. I think such sentiments are taken for granted.

As we age our ‘once in a lifetimes’ centre around family and if we are lucky the opportunity to travel. Not around receiving news, you could easily find yourself sinking into the depths of depression as my friend says to me: if she was me and got the news I got she’d go to her bedroom and feel sorry and sook for the rest of time.

But I look at it as I can wake up each day, eat and do things, go…

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