Lessons to learn


“The sky is clear, waters gleaming blue. Where are the humans?”

“Do you see that roof shaded by trees? They are hiding there, scared of coming out.”

“I guess we’ll let them be. Enjoy the freedom….”

“Yeah… no fear of hooks or guns or knives or any other form of torture…..”


“How long will it take to develop a vaccine?”

“It needs to be tested on animals.”

“How long will that take? We can’t let the human race be wiped out by a virus.”


Each of you has a lesson to learn before you die.

9 thoughts on “Lessons to learn

  1. All of this. You capture the current events with ease and perfection here – thank you so much for joining us again 🖤

    I apologize for my tardiness and look forward to catching up here — I’ve been so distracted and distraught, I’ve focused more on reading, educating myself, mindful reflections, and quick hits of info on Twitter and Instagram than on my beloved blog. Please forgive me – I’m diving back into the fray 🖤

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