Which pie?

War is hell. You can’t photograph a flying bullet, but you can capture genuine fear.

vanishes in thin air
hunger dominates
but ego and greed
take the cake
fear pervades, yet
a larger share of pie
attracts all
I wonder which pie
are they talking about?


6 thoughts on “Which pie?

  1. They’re ‘talking about’ the liquidation of asses and assets of the masses en masse pie; i.m.h.o.. For example, the cake is the stealing of tax $, usual during war, pandemic, etc.; like big pharma, medical supplies corps making hand over fist from bidding war between States, federal agencies, Bush, Rump klans kafknchinging. The skyrocketing price of living resulting from Rump’s chaos processes will kill a % of the lower-middle-class to poor all by it’s lonesome; regardless of the virus. The ‘big fix’ is in, if it ain’t fixed don’t break it, stop criminal insanity Thanx for all you do and have a good eve’ 🙂 reality


  2. hunger dominates
    but ego and greed
    take the cake

    Love this play on words. In Canada right now the larger share of the pie is price gouging by retailers. Bottles of $3.99 hand sanitizers going for $29.99.

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