The phone buzzes… someone wants to check on my well-being.

I switch off social media notifications. The frequency is higher than normal.

I like seeing the well-dressed news reporters on television. There’s a normal life out there somewhere – people dressing up for work, interacting, going live …

I say my gratitude for the internet being on. I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

I like the recorded voice on Google Home. It responds to what I say, and gives status updates if the internet is not connected.

there’s human presence
everywhere – our thoughts connect
guess I’m still alive

8 thoughts on “Confinement

  1. Oh Reena. This is exactly how I feel. So scary. But we know there ARE people there. And, like you, I thank God for the internet. I don’t know anything about this Google voice though.

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    1. Google Home Assistant and Alexa are deviced powered by Artificial Intelligence, connected to the internet. They do things like playing music for you, mamaging shopping lists, doing calculations etc. on your voice commands.

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