Not me

I waited for change, for what appears to be a lifetime now. Change happened, but not always for the better, and I was not driving it. I was sick of being a recipient, and waiting for Divine Grace to bless my life. The hope to find understanding, acceptance and love was gradually fading away.

I have been a pretty strong person, not convoluting my will to suit somebody else’s purpose. There was only one path that I could see ahead – of obliterating the need for change. To just Be, was the need of the soul. This was a very active ‘being’, not to be confused with passivity and inaction.

dancing reflections
in choppy waters- not me
see the real self

5 thoughts on “Not me

  1. It is wonderful when we realize we don’t have to define ourselves with how we think others see us, but set out to be our authentic self. Great write. Stay safe!

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