Tale Weaver – #268 – Medical – 26th March

A message has been floating around on social media

Wonder why the temples are closed

Because Gods are all busy in hospitals

I miss the only doctor in the family today. He passed away a year ago.

If he had been alive and healthy, he would have been volunteering in a hospital today.

Why did the words ‘only doctor’ tumble out of my mind? There are more in the family, safely ensconsed in their sanitized spaces, offering a consultation on video calls if needed.

There is one who quit her practice more than 20 years ago, and never thinks of going back to work, not even as a volunteer. She is the most ‘entitled’ one of the lot, who never stops cribbing about others’ selfish attitudes.

Another one, a doctor too, is bragging that he stocked material for ceremonies to be held on his father’s death anniversary, but is constrained from doing anything in a lockdown.

Idly, I think if the senior doctor would have distributed the material amongst needy people, as he had always done. Or asked inheritors of his wealth, and successors of his name and fame to go out there and contribute in some manner?

Idle thoughts are of no use. The medical profession asks for an attitude of service, more than a string of degrees.


2 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #268 – Medical – 26th March

  1. That final comment is so true Reena, its a difficult time for the medical profession for a whole bunch of reasons and the main one being their own health and safety. Thanks for your thoughts this week.

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