The brand storyteller rambles on incessantly, “Let the world know who you are and what you can do.”

I feel the warmth when they think they have a new follower, but see expressions freezing when they see I can lead.

“You are targeting the wrong set of people”, says my mentor. There is yet another who exhorts me to stay quiet “People don’t like you if you know more than them.”

Now, I’m not sure if I want to lead or follow or be liked.

I retreat to safety of my solitude.

18 thoughts on “Safety

  1. There are times to lead and times to follow. There are lessons to learn from each. Knowing the right time is the challenge, as well as finding the right mentor.
    Great SIX.

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  2. … of course, not to be contrarian* but, perhaps the path is to re-define ‘solitude’.

    Castaneda makes much (through his character don Juan Mateus) of ‘being accessible’.

    Perhaps its not so much how public one is as it is a matter of how emotionally available.

    There surely are different levels of entanglement. Of course, the idea of selling (a thing, an idea, a belief) implies an emotional entanglement.

    There are those would might say, ‘better to grow (sales, a following, believers) through attraction, rather than promotion.

    Thought-provoking as always!

    * no, never lol

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  3. Your character has posed an interesting dilemma. I would posit, in the short term, “safety of solitude” would be beneficial. Long term though? I say get out there in the world and be yourself and let experience show the way 🙂

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