Presentiment …. by Punam


She sat in rapt attention

at the open air midnight soiree

enthralled by the elegance

of the lyrical verse flowing

from the mystic poet’s lips

bathing her parched soul

with a longing so intense!

when his ballad spoke of
death and parting

it creased her delicate brow

and for a heart-stopping moment

she was awash

with a feeling of deja vu

as if listening to her own

obituary, many moons ago

when the amethyst sky was suffused

with a million celestial bodies

yet the eerie cawing of corvids could be heard

as her soul had ascended the heavens!

shuddering involuntarily

she came back to the present

was it a dream, a nightmare
or a premonition

of the tragedies to befall!

she yearned for days of tranquility

when life was not complicated.

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