I don't know how

There is a scene in “We the Living” by Ayn Rand, where lovers are being separated and taken away to Siberia. They know they will not survive, yet the girl says,

“Let us look at the moon every day, and find solace that we are looking at the same moon.” They needed a unifying factor in dire straits.

Today we look at the same microscopic organism, and find threads of sameness, we never knew before. The barriers of racial and geographical prejudice have fallen, but new ones are erected between the people who interact every day. We face them (if at all) from six feet, armed with masks and gloves and sanitizers.

down time changes hearts
a crisis heals more than hurts
I look at you, like
we’ve never met before, yet
wonder how souls got entwined

16 thoughts on “I don't know how

  1. An interesting comparison, Reena, of the moon and the Corona virus, especially since the moon has its own kind of corona, also known as rings around the moon, caused when thin clouds scud across a bright moon. The virus is a leveller, it can affect anyone. I’m hoping that your tanka will hold true, even after the crisis is over.

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  2. Oh I like where you went with this…an ironic comparison indeed. Some day, I hope it will be more than a terrible virus that we feel we all have in common. Too bad there isn’t a disinfectant for prejudice.

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