“You will see the figure shrinking in size, as more of purple smoke is released in the air.”

“What is it made of?”

Agni was impatient as usual. He lobbed a hand grenade in the figure’s direction.

There was no fire as expected, but the figure disappeared and the sky turned dark.

Is it the dreaded winter? Will Agni go down in history as the one who opened Pandora’s box?

Only if we live to see it… he is now liable to court martial for not following instructions.

I run my knife on the rock to write what is actually happening, but the rocks crumble down like sand. Nothing like this has been witnessed  before.

And then, I wake up to the fact… it is all augmented reality. We are safe and sound in our room, and Agni is only a virtual character.

8 thoughts on “Dream-like

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