Deja vu – Corona who?

Beep! Beep! The medicines have arrived.

I open the door to pick up medicines from the conveyor belt, but who knows what it has touched in the numerous circular trips it takes. Disinfectants are being sprayed on it, yet who knows… I would disinfect the box and packaging again.

There are large sound-proof and weather-proof community structures to house people, but distrust keeps us away. How do I know what the other guy had consumed before coming there? Hospitals and doctors have long since vanished. Search engines are powered by artificial intelligence to prescribe medication. We just have to place an order, and follow instructions.

Blast those tiny venomous plants – they grow like moss but not in clusters. They are spreading all across the world killing people who consume or touch those, or come in their vicinity.

It is a vegan world. We had learnt our lessons from the 2020 corona crisis. The pandemic then was attributed to ill-treatment meted out to animals by humans, and revenge wreaked on us by the animal world.

Animals look scared too. They have a hard time deciding what to eat, and they sometimes go hungry.

“It is 2120, and we are yet unable to control a pandemic like this. When will humans learn?”, says the 130 year old man in the complex. He is struck by déjà vu, though his memory needs laser boosts. He is the only one who had seen 2020.

22 thoughts on “Deja vu – Corona who?

  1. Being the lone survivor, scarry. Do humans ever learn? Good question. People’s memory is so short, once it subsides, everything will be the same again. But always hope for the best. Excellent write up.

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    1. Excerpts from a piece in Finshots today morning

      “As clinical psychologist, Ilene Green noted, “It’s akin to a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). All of this will be on people’s minds in really quiet ways indefinitely. …I would not call it a mental illness, but this kind of thing does get folded into the psyche.”

      What that means is, this pandemic will likely force consumers to reevaluate everything they have been taking for granted. Touching foreign objects, coming into contact with strangers and being in enclosed spaces could all be considered as a potential health hazard.

      And sure, this hyper-awareness might fade once the pandemic has run its course, but some part of it will always be ingrained within us. Who knows, refusing to shake hands after a meeting might become acceptable. People walking around with masks could become the new normal.”

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