Business Development

The candidate has a record of business failures. I don’t think I’ll hire him, but curiosity gets the better of me.

“What went wrong with the restaurant you opened downtown?”

“We closed it at lunch time, as someone told us later. But I do care about my employees.”

“And what happened to the gas station? It should have fetched high returns.”

“We invested in state of the art technology. But the building lacked the infrastructure for cars to drive up to the fourth level.”

“Hmmm… that was unfortunate. Where do you think you fit in our organization?”

“Business Development Head.”

44 thoughts on “Business Development

  1. Being a person in-charge of business development is a critical responsibility. It cannot be denied that this position offers several challenges. But the blog you have posted proves that being a business developer is not merely about the profit, but about the people. A reason why organizations like TheRisr are expected to provide a much better sense of assistance to business organizations that are merely starting up. Thanks for your post, I’ll make sure to follow through your other posts.

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  2. Very apt point here. I don’t know about the business world, but sadly in the Arts. I’ve encountered so many folks we see themselves as “talented” , but the truth is they are not. As poet and ex-actor, I have seen it much too often.

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