I don’t know why I was surprised every time love started or ended.

Having seen many summers and failed relationships, I always wanted to warn my daughter about the pitfalls ahead, when she ventured into a relationship. I wanted to tell her it’s not worth it in the long run, and she might as well focus on building a career and life for herself.

But something stopped me each time. She had a right to live her own life, and learn from experience. It was not right to burden her with my perspective.

Maybe she was born luckier than I was. Maybe she succeeds this time around. I wished her well, and wanted all the happiness in the world to be bestowed on her.

Surprisingly or not, the dream ended every time. Maybe, she was burdened with my perspective, with or without spoken words.

16 thoughts on “Influence

  1. It has been harder for me to watch my daughters’ heartbreak than experience it myself. They do insist on learning on their own. It takes just as long as it did us. Smiles.

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  2. It’s sometimes hard to know as parent when to step in or not. Younger daughter had several boyfriends, but the man she married is wonderful. Older daughter married the first woman she seriously dated–and they are perfect together.

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  3. I love the perspective of your piece, Reena, from the point of view of a mother. I understand that temptation – I too wanted to warn my daughter, while telling myself that she had to make her own decisions. I’m glad I let her, as she is very happy, and I have a wonderful grandson.

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