a part of the whole
a whole divided in parts
I deny connectedness
by letting smoke
envelope my existence,
letting it define
my incompleteness,
creating illusions
of wholeness.
masks I wear
conceal vulnerability
while labelling
certain parts of my animal self
attributing it to another species
masks let me live
in peace with my brokenness
Is there another universe
on the other side of smoke?
the somnambulist in me
to uncontrollable disasters
the other side
asserts itself.


8 thoughts on “Layers

      1. Tomorrow our Nation is sealed for two weeks. Fancy the panic buying since late last night when the PM announced in TV. People dont follow basic rules of avoid large congregation; the mask less important than compulsive washing, without being obsessive in thoughts and fear.

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  1. This is as enjoyable as it is haunting.

    masks let me live
    in peace with my brokenness

    This is an insight into the masks we all wear.

    I added an “e” to your last name in a recent response. I guess I couldn’t help myself with two “e”s in your first name. But I’m sorry.

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