Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126

Welcome back!


Here is the theme for this week.


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31 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126

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  11. I’m confused. I don’t see a theme word and somehow my screen reader skips over any image that may be the theme. I see lots of people post about isolation, so is that the theme?


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    1. solitary are dreams and thoughts
      voice cannot travel, just moans

      dark are nights, moon can’t reach
      my windows shut, lines drawn

      I’d like to call your name aloud, but
      vocal cords jammed, not condoned

      I breathe conundrums, how do I carry
      heavy dreams, not borne by eyes alone

      suffocating is the shroud I live in, but
      I don’t possess the earth, and sky disowns


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