Get him in, check reports, pull out the syringe….

Where does he figure on the priority list?

Resources are dwindling, cases increasing…

The few who remain will rule the world, pull out the syringe….

The routine of life and death is passe.

The world needs new challenges and decision-making powers.


18 thoughts on “Power

  1. Priority Lists’ for sure. Unfortunately.

    One of my favorite expressions, not quite sure of who said it first, is ‘Fear is the only enemy’. The power of this enemy is abundantly clear of late.
    The thing about fear is that it’s not a mere verb.
    It is a noun.
    (If there is such a noun, a proper noun, if you will, it is like a black hole. These gravitational singularities are famous for consuming everything that comes near. Fear is like that. To think that one can simply endure or ignore fear is the worst kind of mistake.
    (As does a singularity) it not only consumes it warps space around it, cause it to grow.

    Timely post this week, Miz Saxena

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