Poetics: “Bartender, I’d like to close out my tab-oo”

Amaya hosts this week’s Poetics on dverse …. Taboo topics. Go ahead and explore.


Peek-a-taboo, I see you! Tonight we are going to turn the pub into a psychological strip club as we bare it all. Welcome! I’m your host, Amaya Engleking.

What is considered to be taboo certainly depends upon the wider cultural context in which the subject is broached. As I was checking the dVerse archives to see the last time the subject of ‘taboo’ was used for a prompt, I saw that in 2011 the prompt writer gave the examples of sex, politics, and religion for what are considered to be “don’t-go-there” topics in polite Western societal discourse. Maybe one wouldn’t want to get too into championing the cause of the proletariat at a Fourth of July block party, but I’d surmise that as poets we are almost expected (and counted on) to write about these three so-called banned topics. And maybe times are indeed a’ changin’ because it…

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