The fly who escaped traps

Coming back to life is a dream come true … for those who worked at nullifying the curse, for those who waited patiently for the unfreeze, but did not live to see this day.

There is bustling life outside – humans looking different, semi-humans and robots. And the inhumans? Well, they’ve always been there, but are now not seen in public life. They live backstage – designing virtual traps, tracking and analysing user stats and creating algorithms to subjugate them into mental slavery.

There is only one crime in this world – independent thought. Long ago, someone said there is nothing original in this world. We only put together existing energy patterns in different ways, and call ourselves a genius. The neo-dwellers have hacked every thought, every neutral pathway, every nerve cell, every response. Yet, they are not submerged in data. They only see the crisp reports presented by the robots and algorithms. It is sufficient to develop the world further, by implanting ideas and spurring humans to desired action.

Beauty walks out. Her unfreezing has been tracked, and a buzz created. She carries an ancient code which needs to be deciphered.

The housefly is found dead in strawberry syrup … data lost.

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