Well, I cannot read the language, but perhaps it says the same. Empty shelves are testimony to it.

The city has not been receiving fresh supplies for the last few days. It is the corona virus scare obstructing movement. Stock market indices are all going south.

The street urchin is not sure of what’s happening, but things haven’t changed much for him. The epidemic of hunger has never been officially recognised. It never hits the rich, and gives them no valid reason to wear expensive masks, use hand sanitizers and set themselves apart from the hoi polloi.

48 thoughts on “Epidemics

  1. Very true – the most vulnerable are often those who are least able to protect themselves AND least likely to be informed as they ought to be. As for hardship, everything really IS relative, isn’t it?

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  2. There are new epidemics, and there are those that are ages-long. The sickness that is hunger, and the sickness to be hardened from curing the sickness that is hunger. A worldwide directive, say a law, that everyone must be fed, that no one goes hungry. That would be a cure, and then maybe we’d strive harder for the rest.

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      1. China completely shut down a province as big as a quarter of the US with a population of almost 200 million. I distrust everything I’ve heard from official channels because they are politically motivated to downplay the severity. We shall see.

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  3. Good story, Reena and too true, unfortunately. As bad as the coronavirus is, no one comments on the mundane epidemics of dirty drinking water and chronic hunger which kill millions. We have the technology to solve those too, if we only had the collective will.

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