I enjoyed the lull before the storm, but it’s over now. Fanaticism prevails.

I’m as secular and liberal as I’ve always been, but the terms are now used in an abusive manner. I grew up in a Hindu household, with Muslim and Christian neighbours (two childless couples who treated me as a daughter), and we celebrated all festivals together. They took the trouble to cook a festive vegetarian dish for my mother. My Mom stayed up nights to stitch a new dress for me to attend Midnight Mass, and make Christmas tree decorations.

I long for the chilled Venusian ambience, on this new planet I inhabit now. Red hot temperatures make it look like Mars, and there are so many out to conquer it. TV channels spew venom to pollute homes and weak mindsets. Religion, politics, fake nationalism instigate dark, sleepless nights.

Martian aggression
flows in communal bloodstreams
peace stands a slim chance

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