It’s a jungle out there

It’s a jungle out there… by Punam


The bridge appears to be straight and smooth
but fear sloshes in my belly
turning my legs to jelly
trepidation makes my heart race
for it’s a jungle out there
hatred and violence roam free
baring their vicious fangs and growl in a stentorian roar
misplaced pride turns a snooty nose at reason
crazed look on every twisted face
blood on each hand and the smell of burning flesh
yet the call is so invidiously beguiling
I salivate at the mere thought of that power
tethering at the edge of insanity
lured by the promised bounty of righted wrongs
but I recover from the transient transgess
with sanity sharply knocking me down

Let there be storms of paranoia all around
I hope peace with its winsome ways will eventually win
human will not another human butcher
the arc of fear will not be allowed to persist
time will have to…

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