Kind over nice

Kind over nice …. by Violet

Thru Violet's Lentz


I smile sweetly, give them a friendly little ‘finger-wave’ and slam the door behind me as quickly as possible. 

I know they’re just trying to be nice. 

But if I accept their nice, I am expected to be nice in return. 

And if I am nice in return, before long their nice will turn into, “Let’s get together.” “Why don’t you join us for a drink?” or “Bob works with a guy about your age. He’s single too.”

No. No. And NO.

I need to be fastidious in my avoidance. Especially when it comes to nice people.

It’s kinder.

Kinder than letting them think they know me, and then doing something so outside the boundaries of who they think I am- that they are forced to second guess their own powers of judgment.

Kinder than creating some acceptable sham persona they will eventually find out is not even loosely related…

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