I did not mean to demean

I did not mean to demean

your puny existence

or make you aware of

your hollowness

when I shared my thoughts

which were too lofty

for all that you’d seen

and experienced so far

but believe me

the intent was only to share

not knowing

that people who could

share mind space

are extinct now

and I stand at

the brink of apocalypse




9 thoughts on “I did not mean to demean

  1. so often we talk past each other in this world, and you have captured that well here. I do have to wonder though if there is any existence out there that is truly puny in all of our disparate complexities. I read that as ironic.

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  2. I guess we’ll never know what happens next. Communication can be the biggest enigma of all, and we unfortunately live in a post-modern age where so few are willing to work on it. If we don’t understand one another, then block, delete, cancel, move on, realizing we just missed the opportunity to evolve.

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