Right Direction

It was a tough choice, but she had always done things differently. 

Rosy decided to join the army after her husband Herbert became a martyr to the country’s cause. She was welcomed, and her decision glorified to start with. Gradually, the grim reality of the situation set in.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she opened her sugar report – mails from her two lovely children. Isn’t this what Herbert referred to her letters as – sugar report?

“Mom, we are proud of you. Don’t worry about us. We have joined the NCC- it is a stepping stone in the right direction.


7 thoughts on “Right Direction

  1. In many ways, I believe soldiers’ wives do step into their husband’s boots. Your story shows it as a literal action and grants her understanding of the meaning that infused sugar report. That the letters came from her children makes it more heart-stopping. Thought-provoking writing, Reena.

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  2. Conscientious objectors could still help, and would have relieved a worried mother’s mind.

    War changes a person. My uncle (mom’s youngest brother) was one of the men in Patton’s march across Europe. He never spoke of what he saw during that time, and he died carrying his secret with him.

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