Reena’s Exploration Challenge #122 — Professor Pettigrew’s Magic

Professor Pettigrew’s Magic … by Jade Li/Lisa

Tao Talk

Credit: Daniel Salmieri in A Velocity of Being

Johnny’s English 101 teacher was the old-fashioned kind, and Johnny wasn’t sure he liked the old-fashioned kind. English 101 was Johnny’s 8 a.m. Monday-Thursday class in his freshman year at the community college. The first class Professor Pettigrew laid out the groundwork for the semester as he went through the syllabus. There were cubbys at the front of the room where all cell phones and laptops were to be deposited as one entered the classroom. Participation and Attendance counted for 50% of one’s grade.

The most unusual expectation was that one would read an actual paper book of at least 300 pages every week. Monday-Wednesday students rotated talking about the books they had read the week before. Thursdays were reserved for stream-of-consciousness writing about anything that had been covered for the week. Each alternating week, small pods of 4 students would choose…

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