The Last Book

The “Last Book on Planet Earth” was a huge tourist attraction in the museum. Everybody in the crowd could not get a glimpse of it, so images were flashed on huge screens. 

Fluttering pages made people sit up and notice. It generated a strange sensation in them. Some even said that a peculiar smell emanated from the specimen. It was a distinct sense of deja vu.

One day, the book was gone. Gone, stolen … by an unknown thief despite the tight security. A piece of paper was found on the spot, in a script that came close to calligraphy.

“Whenever you declare me obsolete, I will come back.

I will come back to write a new book, to start a new page in history.”


Calligraphy is trending on Google, across the world. There are a few teachers who know the art of writing, and are launching online courses. They are branching into territories unheard of before – poetry, epics, novels of 300 pages … Phew…

It’s going to be a different world..

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