“We’ve been in power for so long …. this electoral defeat is going to put us totally out of control.”

“You mentioned working as a responsible opposition leader in your interview yesterday.”

Even in my distressed state, the smirk on Anand’s face did not escape my attention. The sarcasm hurt, but he was the only one who could turn tables with his Machiavellian tactics.

“What’s playing on your mind, Anand?”

“I’ve planted people in the cabinet, and you will not look so harangued for long.”

18 thoughts on “Machiavelli

  1. To play off the famous quote by Lord Acton, (‘Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’), any established ruling class, no matter how benign their beginnings, cannot avoid the sense of entitlement that leads to becoming despotic. Representative government, with two or more parties are doubly dangerous, as your Six highlights. The voters and the masses want the false security of believing there is not one party in control, when, in fact, there is always ‘one party in control’, the aforementioned ruling class.

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