expansive colors of dawn
spread hope, positivity
color defines boundaries for me
not shape or capability

subdued, subservient
conditioned thoroughly
acceptance of fate
prevents treacherous folly

I hear animals somewhere
scream revenge –
by draining venom
in bodies of torturers
It’s called a virus
I am a human
But why so helpless?

Power is assumed
by those who believe
they own the world
and need not share

I look inside
gather toxicity
shrink my shape
to increase potency

I’m ready now
to infiltrate
bastions of power
I’m ready now
to hear screams
from those
who suppressed voices

I turn so small
expert fingers
can’t touch me
intelligent cells
can’t comprehend
it is the essence
of atrocities
they unleashed
on the world

it is reciprocity
of monstrosities
not seen by
or sorority




12 thoughts on “Reciprocity

  1. OH! Such a potent verse — the way you’ve provided a situation of role reversal in the form of reciprocity of the oppression is such a powerful way to address the issue. I like how you have defined the nuances of it in a subtle manner. I loved this bit in particular: “I look inside/gather toxicity/shrink my shape/to increase potency”.

    Liked by 1 person

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