Vacations come alive with Grandpa’s stories. A nugget emerged on the morning walk with him today.

 “You guys have lost earning opportunities with the advent of the internet.”

“I can teach you how to earn money online. We’ll do it in the afternoon.”

“I’ll tell you something right now. I used to come and check this bin out every morning, and pull something out of it. The innkeeper once called me in and offered breakfast. I was not a hungry kid scouring bins for food.”

“Then why were you doing that?”

“I was paid to pull out a folded sheet of pale blue paper, and pass it on to Jim Marshall. Those were messages from his then girlfriend. There were no messaging apps in those days.”

“Hmmm… it has equally affected the postal guys, public telephone booths, cybercafes and all the entertainment that would go with it.”

“I’m learning how to hack phones. You are not the only genius techie in the world.”

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